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Every tourist may be longing for the fascinating scenery and mysterious Buddhist culture of Tibet. Whenever you travel to Tibet, Tibet will provide a variety of visual feast for you. In spring, you will go to Nyingchi Prefecture to see the land of peach blossoms; in summer, you can go to Shigatse grassland to enjoy a fierce horse race; in autumn, you will be refreshed by the desolation and magnificence of Ngari Prefecture; in winter, you can enjoy the warm sunshine in Lhasa rather than other places in China. The charm of Tibet in different seasons is diverse.

Tibet tour in spring (April–May)

Spring could be a great time to travel in Tibet. It’s still a bit cold but no chilling temperature, you will have a good view of the mountains until the end of spring. On the other hand, the weather gets warmer, ice starts to melt so the roads open up again, you will have a good chance to enjoy a pleasant journey to outside of Lhasa. Please note, because of Tibetan New Year, Tibet is usually closed from February to March until April. Tibet in spring has a variety of fantastic spots. Especially in Nyingchi, with white clouds in blue sky and peach trees in blossom.

Tibet tour in summer (June–August)

Summer is the peak tourism season in Tibet. In summer, air oxygen contents are higher than the other seasons. In day time, sun shines all the day, you may just wear T-shirt but in night, the temperature drops sharply, you need to wear jacket. It’s a good season for you to travel to various attractions in faraway places of Tibet. You can enjoy the high altitude sites when snow melts or even a trek to Everest base camp. Besides, in summer, it is the grassland in the richest place, the Tibetans will hold many festivals including the Ganden Thangka Music Festival, the Shoton Festival, and the Nagqu Race Festival. Just have fun and enjoy yourself during summer in Tibet.

Tibet tour in autumn (September–October)

Autumn is also a busy travel season in Tibet. As the weather in fall is clear and cool, you will have a perfect chance to trek in Tibet such as trekking to Mt. Kailash and Mt. Everest base camp. October is a good season to take photos of mountain peaks but you'd better avoid the Chinese holidays in early October which will be very crowded in Tibet. Besides, it is also the best time to view Namtso Lake. With the snow-capped mountains, the crystal-clear dazzling blue water, Namtso Lake is one of the most beautiful lakes in Tibet.

Tibet tour in winter (November–March)

The winter also makes fascinating Tibet more beautiful. In winter, Pilgrims from all over Tibet enter Lhasa, visit the famous Jokhang Monastery and the other monasteries. You can participate in various of monastery activities in Tibet and see many devout worshippers holding a butter lamp, rotating prayer wheels and burning incense. It’s good time for you to experience the devout heart of Lhasa— multitudes of Tibetans practicing Tibetan Buddhism. The Tibetan New Year which happens in late winter is an amazing cultural moment. In winter, heavy snow covered the roads of these areas, so you may be not allowed to go to Namtso Lake, Nagari, and Medog area.

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