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People who are browsing our website must be planning a trip to Tibet, or, at least attracted by Tibet. Indeed, Tibet is charming enough to draw massive attention as she is a woman with a good look and a soul. After that much research, have you found out what you could expect if you travel to Tibet?

Natural Beauty

As a mark of Wonderland, Tibet has extremely amazing natural scenery. It’s a place where you can see flowers in bloom and snow within one day. Basically, there are two parts of natural scenery will definitely impress you.

1. Mountains

There are two famous mountains in Tibet, one is Everest, another is Kailash.
Mt. Everest is the highest mountain in the world, there is no need to say its meaning for mountaineers. Just for normal travelers, the grand snow-capped mountain is worth visiting once in a life. You can spend one night at the Everest Base Camp, enjoying the feeling of closing to heaven and the whole world is under your feet.
Mt. Kailash is regarded as the center of the world for devotees of Buddhism, Bon, and Hindu religion. If you believe in any one of the above religions, you cannot miss Mt. Kailash.

2. Lakes

There are many lakes on Tibet Plateau, everyone can be called a scenic spot. However, there do list top three holy lakes you should visit during your Tibet tours, Namtso, Manasarovar, and Yamdroktso.
Namtso, the lake from heaven, you will drop all the troubles away as long as you lying down at the lakeside and watching the stars above your head.
Manasarovar, the invincible lake, has been accompanied with Mt. Kailash for centuries.
Yamdroktso, the Jade pool, besides of the glorious view, it’s the lake where Tibetan people find out the reborn living Buddha by studying the mirage above the lake surface.

Tibetan Buddhism Culture

It’s well known that Buddhism which is originated from Nepal has been integrated with the daily life of Tibetan locals, thus, there comes out a unique Tibetan Buddhism with many different sects. That’s why you can see so many temples, monasteries here. The Tibetan Buddhism affected other architectures as well. Nearly all the famous attractions are with religious overtones, such as the Potala Palace, the Jokhang Temple, the Drepung Monastery, and so on. Apart from the structures, the pilgrims you can see everywhere in Tibet are more impressed. It’s easy to be touched when you see the devout pilgrims making the prostrator towards to their holy destination. Their faces and hands are all dirty, but their eyes and hearts are clean.

Tibetan Customs

Because of the deep influence of Buddhism, Tibetan customs are all about the religion. The important feasts in Tibet, such as the Shoton Festival, the Tibetan New Year… are celebrated for some religious events. Tibetan people are used to hanging prayer flags and making Mani stones (stones with Buddhist scripture written on) at an empty ground for God blessing. Each family has a special room to put shrine and Tangka (one kind of scroll painting embroidered with pictures of Buddha or Buddhist stories) for worship. If time is enough, you can be invited to a local family to experience the real Tibetan life. And you may have a chance to know about the mysterious celestial burial.

Tibetan Food

Usually, different regions have different food cultures, tasting a new type of food is an interesting part of traveling for most of the tourists. Tibet tours follow this rule as well. Due to the bad climate and natural conditions of the plateau, the Tibetan food has its distinct feature.
The bright Tibetan people plant the highland barley as their main food, which can be also used to make wine for keeping warm. The other hand, they feed yaks, use the milk to make yogurt and butter tea, while eating the meat. Yaks’ milk and meat are high in protein, can provide enough energy and nutrition for the Tibetans. The yummier is when they cook soup with yak meat. If you have tasted the authentic Tibetan food, you would never forget this exotic flavor.

Overall speaking, there are so many things in Tibet need to be explored by yourself. It will only become your own experience once you set your foot on this pure land. Otherwise, it’s just nothing no matter how abundant the information is. Check those travel agencies we list and see what they got for you. I am sure you will find something that catches up with your mind.

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