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Tibet, located in the world’s highest region, captivates thousands upon thousands tourists with its distinctive local customs and elemental beauty of the highest plateau on earth. And its spiritual nature: magnificent monasteries, pious chanting monks and the mysterious pilgrimage set the region apart from all other tourist destinations.

In Tibet, there are more than 200 relic sites and following are three of the most popular and accessible attractions.

The Potala Palace is renown as an iconic image of the sacred land for its historical roots and precious sculptures. Built at an altitude raising up to 3,700 m (12,100 ft), the majestic treasure house was once the Tibetan government and winter residence of the Dalai Lama. The magnificent white and red building complex, inside of which there contains a variety of rich decorative painting, with handmade work, carving and other stunning ornamentation. The palace was not only named by as one of the New Seven Wonders by American press but also is considered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site

One of the highlights of Tibet tours is its pilgrimage. Numerous pious pilgrims travel from all over the country to worship the most sacred spiritual site-Jokhang temple. While chanting the scriptures and walking clockwise around the temple, the men of belief pray for a better afterlife. Visiting Jokhang Temple and its pilgrimage circuit will surely offer tourists a lot of enlightenment by getting a deeper understanding of the religious strength.

The natural scenery, such as snowy mountains, sky blue rivers, and wandering animals, is a definite highlight of Tibet, among which Yamdrok Lake not-to-be-missed by many travelers. Incredibly crystal clear water flowing surrounded by a series of massive lush mountains. On the lakeside, there are wandering yaks and Tibetan villages where it’s most likely to meet the simple and warmhearted locals. Surround yourself with the breathtaking nature in Tibet will get your soul refreshed after the cultural experience.

As an increasing number of tourists at home and abroad are coming to explore and enjoy the tranquility and mystery of Tibet, in order to gear up to fulfill their dream with affordable price and best service, we offer a wide variety of tour packages trip ranging from 5 days essential group tour to 15 days in-depth pilgrimage group tour.

For tourists with a busy schedule, a short time trip allows them to visit the top 3 cardinal landmarks including Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, Barkhor Street as well as other must-sees in the capital of Lhasa. Tibet Everest Kathmandu overland tour is filled with dreamlike natural beauty as well as religious experience. Through this trip, tourists will be amazed by the religious strength once set foot on the beautiful land. In-depth Pilgrimage tour will offer tourists with a much deeper insight of Tibetan culture and history than other tours will do. To complete the pilgrimage Tibet tours to Mt.Everest and Mt.Kailish successfully, tourists are requested to be in a good physical condition.

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