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Tibet, located in the south-west of China, is the most mysterious place in the world, with its beautiful landscape and Buddhist culture attract hundreds of thousands of people travel in Tibet. In Tibet, you can see the world highest mountain, Mt.Everest, taste the delicious local food, wear gorgeous folk costumes.

Here, in Tibet, you may get an excellent opportunity to look for the centre of the world. Here we aim to give you some Tibet travel advice and hope you have a wonderful Tibet tour.

Plan in Advance

It is necessary for you to book your Tibet tours at least 20 days in advance because it normally takes 2–3 days to confirm hotel reservation, and about a further 10 days for the Tibet Tourism Bureau to issue the Tibet Entry Permit of which you were allowed to visit Tibet. In addition, knowing the restrictions will help you to apply for a visa and arrange the trip.

Travel Documents

Before you set out for your Tibet travel, you should prepare for the documents to be used in Tibet
  • Chinese Visa

    This is a universal document for tourists aboard. Therefore, when planning a trip to Tibet, you should obtain a Chinese visa. As for the Chinese visa, you can get it through some travel service company, like Travel Visa Pro( for US citizens, and some UK and Canadian travellers). One thing you should keep in mind is that never list Tibet or any city related to Tibet on you Chinese Visa application. If you choose to travel Tibet through Nepal, you don't need a Chinese visa. However, without the Chinese visa, you won't allowed to visit other cities of China. So it's better to obtain a Chinese visa.

  • Permit

    For non-Chinese passport holders, a Tibet Entry Permit is necessary when travelling to Tibet for it will be checked at the train station/airport, when you enter attractions in Tibet, and even when you check into a hotel. Since individual travel to Tibet is not allowed, so it's better to choose a local Tibet agency, like The Great Tibet Tour that will take care of the whole application procedures with the travel plan and passport copies you give to them.

What to Pack

Clothes: Warm clothes such as sweaters and fleeces are needed even in summer due to the great variation in temperature day and night. 
Shoes: A pair of comfortable walking shoes is necessary for you when climbing to visit the monasteries.
Snacks: Taking some snacks may help you get through the long journey.
Altitude Sickness Medicine: When travelling to Tibet, you may suffer the altitude sickness. So altitude sickness medicine is necessary.

Hotels / Accomodation

The purpose of your travelling to Tibet is experiencing the old culture and scenery, thus, there is no need to live in an extremely splendid hotel. The accommodation in Tibet is improving while the hotel class is lower than that in other parts of China. The facilities and service standard of hotels in Tibet is not the same as the other cities. In addition, most of the hotels are closed in winter due to the lack of heat system.

Must-see Places

The Potala Palace: The Potala Palace, also known as a pilgrimage site, the highest palace, plays an important role in Tibet history. With the spectacular physical structure, the Potala also be confirmed as one of the wonders of the world.

Jokhang Temple: You can see lots of pilgrims kowtowing in front of Jokhang Temple, the spiritual centre of Tibet and the holiest destination for all Tibetan Buddhist pilgrims

Drepung Monastery: Drepung Monastery supposed to be the largest Tibetan Buddhist monastery attracting many people who come here to see the Thangka Unveiling at the Shoton Festival.

Mt. Everest: Mount Everest is the highest mountain in the world at 8,844 meters above sea level which could give you an awesome adventure travel.

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