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Tibet, as a holy and mysterious place, attracts numerous tourists to have a exploration here. As a part of China, Tibet owns the unique culture and history. When you travel to Tibet, you will be amazed by the stunning natural scenery, Buddhist architectures, artistic wonders, and so on. If you are planning a Tibet tour, you should do more know some important tips about Tibet travel.

1. Health Requirement

Travelers with serious heart disease and hypertension are not suitable for Tibet travel. Moreover, tourists with diseases of heart, lung, brain and blood system are not suitable to enter the plateau either. But if in mild case, you can visit some areas at low elevation, like Lhasa and Nyingchi. If you haven’t been to highlands before, you’d better have a physical examination in hospital. Do not catch a cold before entering and while in Tibet, because the illness makes your altitude sickness worse.

2. Personal Belongings

Clothes you pack before Tibet tour is according to the months you enter Tibet. However, the temperature difference in Tibet is large between day and night, so warm clothes is must-need all the year round. A thick down coat or jacket is necessary if you go to Mount Everest. Even if you won’t have a trekking, a pair of good and strong shoes or boots are needed for you might walk on the uneven and rocky road. The ultraviolet is quite strong in Tibet, so sunscreen, sunglasses, and lipsticks are very necessary. In addition, the weather is dry in Tibet, you’d better drink enough water.

3. How to Reduce the Effect of High altitude?

When arriving in Tibet, you may feel the stress of high altitude with different symptoms, like chest congestion, shortness of breath, dyspnea, etc. Symptoms will be remitted after 2 - 4 days, and you should take a good rest once you arrive in Tibet. If these symptoms gets serious, you should take some medicines. Try not to take shower frequently in Tibet, for you may catch a cold which will make you altitude stress worse and cause complications.

4. How to Protect you Skin?

Tibet, located on the plateau, is a place with dry weather, thin air and strong ultraviolet. Therefore, when you have a trip in Tibet, you should wear hat and sunglasses, put sun cream on your skin every two hours, drink much water, eat enough fruits and vegetables.

5. What should you eat in Tibet?

In Tibet, you should choose to eat some food which is easy to digest and contain high calories. Do not eat and drink too much to increase the burden on your stomach, which will increase the stress on your heart and lung in highlands.

6. Respect Tibetan Culture

Don’t talk about sensitive political topics when in Tibet. Taking photos of Buddha statues is not allowed in the most Tibetan monasteries. Don’t enter monasteries without permission. Smoking is not allowed when you visit monasteries, and you should wear properly. Don’t touch children’s heads unless you are the living Buddha.

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