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Many people are longing to travel to Tibet. Maybe they can’t say exactly why they want to visit Tibet. They may want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy a moment peace in Tibet. They may be fascinated by Tibetan Buddhist culture. Even if you can’t think of any reason why you want to go to Tibet, it’s a place worth going because it has many of world’s greatest reputations.

1. The highest altitude monastery in the world, Rongbuk Monastery.

Rongbuk Monastery is located in Tingri County, Tibet. It was built in 1899 by a Lama of the Nyingma sect of Tibetan Buddhism. It has an altitude of 5154 meters. It is both the highest temple in China and the highest in the world. The whole Rongbuk Monastery is built along the mountain, which is divided into two places, the old monastery and the new monastery. The old one had 5 floors, only 2 floors are still in use today. The new temple, built in 1902, is larger scale and has 8 affiliated small temple. Now, the Rongbuk Monastery is one of the best places to see Mount Everest and an ideal place to take pictures.

2. The highest highway in the world, Xinjiang-Tibet Highway.

Xinjiang-Tibet Highway is an important communication line between Xinjiang and Tibet, with a total length of 2841 kilometers. It passes over the world-famous Kunlun Mountains, Karakoram Mountains, Gangdise Mountains, and the Himalayas, with an average altitude of more than 4500 meters. There are 915 kilometers of Xinjiang-Tibet Highway above 4000 meters above sea level and 130 kilometers above 5000 meters above sea level, making it the world’s highest and most dangerous highway. Almost all sections of Xinjiang-Tibet Highway are no man's land with high intense cold and hypoxia. Along the highway, there are more than one thousand kilometers of Gobi desert, permafrost layers, and mountains with perennial snow.

3. The highest palace in the world, Potala Palace.

Potala Palace was beginning to build in the 7th century during the Songtsan Gambo period of the Tubo dynasty. With 1300 years of continuous construction, it has formed its current scale. At an altitude of 3756 meters, it is known as the pearl on the roof of the world. The whole palace has a distinctive Tibetan style, built against the mountains, imposing momentum. Potala Palace can be called a place of art by collecting countless treasures. Potala Palace is the place you must visit when you visit Lhasa.

4. The highest lake in the world, Namtso Lake.

Namtso Lake is located in Dangxiong county, Lhasa, with lake elevation of 4718 meters. With a length of 70 kilometers from east to west and a width of 30 kilometers from north to south, it is the largest lake in Tibet and the highest elevation lake in the world. Namsto is not only a natural pasture but also a habitat for wild animals. It is often infested by bears, wild yaks, wild donkeys, rock sheep, foxes, roebucks, marmots, and other animals.

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