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​​Located on the Qinghai Mountain plateau, Tibet has become a fortress of Himalaya. Connecting the north of India, the south, and west of central China, Tibet plays an important role in the geographical position. It is famous for the magnificent landscapes, preeminent culture, unique wildlife and hospitable local families.

In the east of Tibet, countless high mountains and rocks are scattered on this rugged and remote area. This is a paradise of undulating mountains, deep valleys, and mysterious bulwarks. Here, influenced by the devotional pilgrims and nomadic communities, Tibet has formed a special view on the Roof of the World, which is different from the outside world. It has become the home of pilgrims who travel thousands of miles along the tough road in order to get to the holy pilgrimage sites for thousands of years. The capital of Tibet, Lhasa, is the core scenic spots for tourists, one of the most symbolistic spots is the Potala Palace, which earns a great reputation in the world.

Here are some tips for Tibet tours for the sake of traveling to​ Tibet well.

The Visa for Tibet

Before a UK Passport holder visits Tibet, it is necessary to get a visa for Tibet.

An effective visa must possess these features: firstly, the valid time is at least six months after you finish your trip; secondly, every visa should have no less than one blank page. Taking notice of the information we handled for you is correct.

Checking your visa before you are setting about your Tibet trip is a responsibility. You must ensure the accuracy.

The best way for tourists to check country entry regulations is to contact the relevant embassies because they are changed and renewed every day.

By some visa company, you still can organize it on your own if you are willing to do that.

For a non-UK passport holder, you need to contact the consulate or embassy nearby you for your visa information.

Time to Visit Tibet

From April and October, it’s the best time for Tibet Tour. From May to September, it’s the high season for Tibet travel, however, it’s always rainy from July and August.

Do not travel Tibet in the rainy season for the tourists who drive the private cars or on foot. Particularly, on the way of Sichuan-Tibet Highway, and the sections between Lhasa and Nyingchi and between Lhasa and Ngari, there always exists some mud-rock flow obstructing cars.

But for a tourist who plans to take airplanes to Tibet for several days, it’s no necessity to worry about those problems from April to October.

Other Tips for Tibet Tours

  1. Buying a flag in Lhasa, and hanging it on the trip where inspires you.
  2. Buying some cheap souvenirs or items made by some monasteries as a remembrancer.
  3. Because of the massive steps in the monasteries, you’d better wear some comfortable gym shoes.
  4. Taking your passport when visiting Everest Base Camp.
  5. Regardless of its wet, there are a lot of festivals in August, and you will have an impressive trip in this month.

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