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Relationship between Nepal and Tibet

Situate on the Himalaya Range, Tibet and Nepal shares the highest peak of the world – Mt. Everest. Beside this, the same Buddhism culture makes them two most popular travel destinations. Meanwhile, they have different characteristics and traditions. They are great neighbors, as well as friends.

Recommended Route

The route from Kathmandu to Lhasa covers the best sites in Tibet and Nepal therefor it became the most popular tourist itinerary. Arrive in Nepal, spread your trip from the marvelous Kathmandu to the miraculous Tibet is a wise choice. Spend several days to explore the Kathmandu, afterwards, visit dazzling scenic spots in Tibet, such as Mt. Everest, Shigatse, Yamdrok Lack and Lhasa one after another.

If you plan to enjoy a stopover at Kathmandu for 2 or 3 days, you mustn’t miss the Kathmandu Valley – having a list of notable temples and monuments, seven of which is designated as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Scenic Sites

Then drive along the famous Friendship Highway, which is 943km and 829km of it is in Tibet, from Kathmandu to the border of China and Nepal. Different from great valley scenery in Nepal, you’ll explore another outstanding scenery during the transport to Tibet – high plateau views.

Once you arrive, you can go directly to visit the Mt. Everest, the peak of the world. With the huge shadow of the tallest mountains looming in front of you, you will find peace and shock in your heart at the same time.

After that, you can make your next destination the second largest city in Tibet – Shigatse. Some Buddhist monasteries can be visited there, holy monasteries are filled with magic and spirituality. Such as the second largest monastery in Tibet, Tashilhunpo Monastery, in which remained the Panchen Lama until his death in 1989. Therefore, it’s an important pilgrimage site for Tibetan Buddhists.

Leaving Shigatse, you can towards to visit the holy lake Yamdrok. The turquoise water is breathtaking while the crisp air is fresh. Surrounded by lofty snow-capped mountains, fed by numerous small stream, Yamdrok Lake is over 72 km long, and is one of the three largest sacred lakes in Tibet. Never miss this opportunity to take pictures and enjoy the stunning scenery.

Lastly, you will get to Lhasa – the capital of Tibet. You’d better spend several days to experience this holy city, for is filled with unique religious culture and glittering scenic spots.

Potala Palace, an outstanding Tibetan architecture, will absolutely impress you. This spectacular palace is famous for its splendid rooms decorated with Tibetan paintings, mandala, thangkas, myriad chapels, audience halls, Buddhist frescoes and Buddhist statues.

Afterwards, you can have a visit of the center of Tibetan Buddhism, Jokhang Monastery. It was built during Songtsen Gonpo's reign by princess Wencheng, who was the wife of him.

Walking out of sacred monasteries, the Barkhor Street is a place to get close to folk culture. You can purchase Tibetan and Nepalese artifacts, Thangkas, religious implements, antiques, music instrument, and many other traditional souvenirs there.

You can finish your tour at Lhasa, but if you have an open schedule, you can also take the new Qinghai-Tibet train to extend your tour to Beijing, Xi’an, Chengdu, Shanghai and other cities in China.

How to Go to Tibet from Nepal

To have an unforgettable experience in Tibet, you must have a Tibet Travel Permit from the Chinese government and a Chinese Group Visa issued by the Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu. What’s more, you must travel with an organized tour. It means that you need to connect with a credited Tibet travel agency, and the agency will handle your transportation, accommodation, guide and any possible problems. Consult with the travel agency and they will arrange everything for you.

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