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For most people, Tibet is still a mysterious and strange land at the end of the earth. These days the idea of traveling to Tibet is very popular, but few actually go there. What is so attractive about Tibet? Why do so many people want to go there? After a glance at the attractions below, you too will start fantasizing about a Tibet Tour.

Potala Palace

Built in the 17th century, the Potala Palace, a pearl on the plateau is one of the architectural wonders of the world. The word "Potala" comes from Sanskrit. After the marriage between Tibetan King Songtsen Gampo and Princess Wencheng of the Tang Dynasty in the seventh century, the Palace was built for meditation. The construction took fifty years from its beginning to completion.Potala Palace is located on top of a red hill in Lhasa's city center. It stands at the site of older structures, dating back another thousand years. In the center is the older, red palace, surrounded by the large white palace. With over 1000 rooms, the one-storeyed palace covers an area of 10,000 square meters. It witnessed the life of the Dalai Lamas and the important political and religious activities in the past centuries. There are grand palaces within palaces. The Palace stands up so high that it resembles a magnificent castle in the heaven. It makes itself a good example of the ancient Tibetan culture and architecture. There also stored the world treasure-the gold hand-written Buddhist scriptures, valuable gifts from the Chinese emperors and a lot of priceless antiques.You will be amazed by the colorful sculptures and paintings. The Potala Palace deserves the title of art gallery and museum. It is a symbol of the wisdom and power of the Tibetan people.

Sera Monastery

As a complex of structures with the Great Assembly Hall and three colleges, Sera Monastery was founded by Jamchen Chojey of Sakya Yeshe of Zel Gungtang, a disciple of Tsongkhapa in 1419. Sera monastery suffered severe damage during the resistance in Lhasa, 1959. The colleges were destroyed and hundreds of monks were killed. Many of the monks of the Sera Monastery who survived the attack moved to Bylakuppe in Mysore, India after the Dalai Lama took asylum. Sera Monastery and Mysore are famous for their debates about the philosophy of Buddhism, aka "Monk Debates". Sera Monastery developed over the centuries as a renowned place.


It is also known as Xigatse, which means "fertile land", is the second largest city in Tibet. It is the seat of Panchen Lama who is regarded as the reincarnation of the Buddha of Endless Enlightenment. This city stands between the confluence of the Yarlung Tsangpo and Nyangchu River, used to be the capital of Tsang and now is the capital of Shigatse prefecture.Shigatse is most famous for its Tashilhunpo Monastery - the seat of the Panchen Lama. Places of interest within this monastery include the relics Sakyamuni, the Hall of Maitreya and mind-boggling collection of tangkas, etc within the Tashilhunpo Monastery. There is also a bustling "free" market at the foot of the ruins of the Shigatse fortress where you can buy nice local handicrafts, Chinese ceramics, yak butter and so on. Besides, Mt. Everest lies around Shigatse and so are the other wonderful monastery, the Sakya Monastery and Shalu Monastery.

Everest Base Camp

The northern Everest Base Camp is one of the highlights for adventure travelers in Tibet and it provides stunning views of the Everest massif, as well as Makalu and Shishapangma. You will be able to enjoy the majestic Rongbuk glacier from your tent. Rongbuk monastery, which was founded in 1902 has a series of meditation caves which had been in use for over 400 years, is the last hint of civilization in this area. The trek of "Advance Base Camp" provides even more incredible views and a real sense of the meaning of Mt. Everest.

Namtso Lake

Namtso Lake, Situated at an altitude of 4720m, is a popular tourist destination in Tibet. The people who have been there before calling it a heavenly lake. The water is blue and crystal clear. The beautiful white mountains are in the skyline. The surrounding plain is dotted with yak herds and nomad camps which make the scenery more spectacular. And it is the biggest lake in Tibet and highest salt water lake in the world. The best time to visit Namtso lake is summer.

There are still some places and attractions which are also beautiful and magnificent such as Drepung monastery, Gyantse, Mount Kailash and Lake Manasarovar. Come and join our Trips to Tibet which you’ll never forget in your lifetime.

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