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Tibet, as a holy place with plenty of tourist activities including trekking, climbing, biking, motorcycling, and festivals, attracting numerous travelers from all over the world everyday. Hence, choosing an appropriate time to visit Tibet is very important for tourists and depending on what you are going to see and do there, and each season has its unique beauty. Although you can go there all around year, the weather during April to November is much more mild than during December to May. Meanwhile, some people would like to have a trip in Tibet in peak travel season, and others like travel in low season.

Best Time to Visit Mt. Everest

Mt. Everest is the most popular choice for many tourists, and the best time to visit it is in spring and autumn months. Though, the rest months are still suitable for traveling in Tibet, roads may be blocked out for heavy snow in winter, the travel condition of routes would be worse for the rainfall in the thunderstorm season or the summit of mountain is surrounded by the moist in summer days. Therefore, from April to May and September to October, you can see a quite clear sky, and unapproachable view of the Mt Everest peak.

Best Time to Visit Mt. Kailash

The reason why the the Mt. Kailash is popular for most tourists is that you can have a trek there, and the route of the trek covers 52 kilometers around the base of the mountain. Because of the high altitude, the trekking route around the mountain is limited, so the best time for Mt. Kailash trek is from May to June or September to October, for the weather is warmer and sky is clear during these months which is quite suitable for trekking.

Best Time to Enjoy Buddhist Festivals

Tibet is a holy place called as “the roof of the world”, with profound Buddhist background​ which is rooted in their tradition and culture. Tourists from​ home and​ ​abroad can travel to Tibet for join the festivals which have multiple ways to celebrate, including singing, dancing, racing, worshiping and so on.

Over view of the main festivals:

  • Tibetan New Year (nationwide): February 16th-18th
  • Butter Lamp Festival (Lhasa): March 2nd
  • Saga Dawa (nationwide): May 27th-29th
  • Tashi Lhunpo Thangka Display Festival (Shigatse): June 28th
  • Gyantse Horse Racing Festival (Gyantse): July 20th
  • Shoton Festival (Lhasa): August 21st-27th

Some details about traveling in peak season or low season:

Peak season of Tibet tour(from April - October): It is quite suitable to do some climbing and trekking, and catch a view of majestic mountains, beautiful valleys, picturesque rivers and vast prairie during these months. While, the cost of the Tibet tour around these months would be much more expensive than in low season, including fights tickets, train tickets and everything you need in hotel.

Low season of Tibet tour (from December - February): If you want to have a budget Tibet trip, these winter months is an ideal time for you to travel. You can get cheaper price of fight tickets, train tickets and the costs in hotels and restaurants, meanwhile, you can avoid the crowds and have a good view of the temples and monasteries. However, you may run into some problems, like the block-out of highway, the bad condition of certain roads and the failing of climbing mountains.

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