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Are you planning to visit the gateway to Mount Everest? Shigatse, one of the most popular travel destinations, not only bring you best monasteries, landscapes, mountains, and other sceneries but also gives you the chance to explore the gateway to Mount Everest.

Also known as Xigaze, Shigatse is located in one of the historical provinces of Tibet, Tsang. It is spread over an area of 182,000 km2 and is the second largest city of Tibet. Shigatse is the best destinations in Tibet to visit in winter.

Shigatse Climate and Weather throughout the Year

The weather in Shigatse is a bit severe as compared to other Tibetan cities. Usually, it remains dry along with chilled winds. From October to April, it witnesses a little amount of rain and snow. However, from May to September, it remains warm and humid and receives heavy rainfalls, specifically, in July and August. In fact, the average rainfall in Shigatse is around 450 millimeters every year.

Each season in Shigatse has a unique charm for tourists. Let's explore all the seasons in details.

Autumn Season in Shigatse
The average temperature in autumn ranges from 0℃ to 20℃,  and it's windy. This seasons witnesses very less rainfall and the weather feels pleasantly cool. If you visit Shigasste in autumn, make sure to bring sunscreen shirts with full sleeves to prevent strong ultraviolet radiations and any severity of chilling winds.

Winter Season in Shigatse
The average temperature in winter is -15℃ to 15℃. Normally, the days are less cold in winter while the temperature can drop to -15℃ at nights. Jackets and sweaters are necessary to overcome the cold weather. Winter season is not the best time to visit Shigatse, but the attractions like Pala Manor can be explored in this season.

Spring Season in Shigatse
Like other areas in Tibet, spring arrives much later because of its different geography and high elevation. The average temperature in this season ranges from -8℃ to 19℃. Spring season is the best time to visit Shigatse. In this season, you can easily explore Shigatse including some wonderful attractions such as Tashilunpo Monastery, Kangbala Mountain, Xialu Temple, and a lot more.

Summer Season in Shigatse
The average temperature in summer is 3℃ to 23℃. Because of the area's unique geography, all the four seasons can be experienced in a single day in Shigatse. At noon, the maximum temperature remains 29℃, which is slightly above the normal room temperature while dusk and midnights are slightly cool. So, the best practice is to keep both light and warm clothes.

Shigatse Travel Tips you must consider before starting your journey

  • Make sure you don't plan your trip from 1st October to 7th October as it is a National holiday, and almost all the destinations in China and Tibet are heavily crowded during the national holidays.
  • You'll experience a very large difference in temperatures during the days and nights, so pack both warm and light clothes.
  • As Tibet is a special entry area, you need to get a special permit along with a Chinese Visa to enter Shigatse.
  • You may face altitude sickness because of high altitude, so it's better to take advice from frequent travelers or a doctor.
  • If planning a visit to Mount Everest, try to choose a suitable time so you can explore it accordingly. Consider taking services of a reliable travel agency or tour planner to avoid any problem.
  • Don't forget to take your camera to capture the wonderful moments.

Places not no miss in Shigatse

Shigatse got various attractions and sightseeing sites that attract the international as well as domestic visitors.
  • Everest Base Camp
  • Karola Glacier
  • Nianchu River
  • XiGeZi BuXing Jie
  • Palcho Monastery

If you haven't decided to visit Shigatse, plan it now. As per our research, we have concluded that the best time to visit Shigatse is from April to October. So, be ready to explore the natural wonders of Shigatse.

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