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Take Tibet Train

After the completion of Qinghai Tibet Railway in 2006, it has become tourists’ favorite transportation to Tibet. Some China's major cities, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and xi 'an, are now connected with Tibet owing to Tibet train.

Taking a train to Tibet is cheaper compared with flying to Tibet. According to different classes, the price of train ticket could cut down one third or a half of the flight ticket. In addition to the price advantage, Tibet train has other attractions to visitors. Firstly, the journey is almost 2-3days crossing Tibet Plateau from north to south during which you can enjoy the stunning landscapes of Tibet Plateau. Known as the "Sky Road", it is a plateau railway with an elevation of more than 5000 meters.

The train also goes along some scenic spots such as majestic Qarhan Salt Lake, Yuzhu Peak, Tanggula Pass, Tsonag Lake, Qiangtang prairie (known as “northern highland”) and Namtso Lake.

Secondly, compared with flight, Tibet train offers a chance for travelers to acclimatize themselves to high altitude. One of a common and potential disease ruining your holiday is high altitude sickness which is not fatal except some serious causes. Even your only destination to Tibet is Lhasa, you also need to have a good acclimation. Trains in Tibet are special and will supply oxygen with the elevation of height for passengers to avoid catching the altitude sickness. Trains are equipped with private oxygen supplies and medical doctors against emergencies and rare situations.

Every four people in soft sleeper class of Tibet train are equipped with a small private compartment which has reasonably large space and beds. You will be satisfied with the facilities on the train and since the implement of police on the cars, crime has decreased.

Join a Small Group Tour to Save Money

A tour guide and transportation are essential for you in Tibet. It’s not suggested to travel with your own group of a few people. The cost will be very high. Travel agency will help to combine individuals or small groups into a single itinerary. This kind of group will share the cost, which is a better choice for you. If you feel constrained by the large group for lack of flexibility and rigid programs, you can join a mall group which can save your money as well. Covering most popular Tibet small group tour packages and individual packages, Tibet Vista is a reputable, local-owned travel agency.

Every group is kept in small size, average 8-9 people. It ensures that both tourists and guides can have a better understanding with each other better. Without too many people in a group, the cost of the transportation can be shared and you can live in hotels with better locations and cleaner conditions as well. Another advantage without any doubt is that you can make friends from all over the world.

Visit Tibet in Winter Time

Most people think that it is not advisable to visit Tibet during the winter months due to the heavy snow and harsh weather. Except for many remote places forbidden to arrive, it is not as cold as you imagine. Actually, the temperature in Tibet will be a litter higher that that in Beijing in some days of winter.

The main winter seasons in Tibet starts from November to March. During this period of time, there’s a lot of sunshine with an average temperature hovering around 10 to 18 degrees in most days. Lhasa is the most popular destination in winter Tibet tour. The daytime temperatures in Lhasa are usually above 10 degrees, which is actually higher than some places of northern China, and the nighttime temperature hovers around zero degrees, which you can avoid the hash cold at night.

For another, winter Tibet tour has price advantage. There are many promotions given by many hotels and tour operators in low season (especially in January and February), and you can enjoy the discount of hotel accommodation, train tickets or flights. With the decrease number of visitors in winter, you will enjoy a better equipment and free visiting in some places of Lhasa.

There’s nothing better than experience the biggest holiday celebration in Tibet. The Tibetan pilgrims will come to Lhasa in winter months to celebrate Tibetan New Year. Also known as Losar Festival, it is the most important festival held each year either in late January or early February. The road will be crowed with the Tibetan pilgrims during the celebration, and you can experience unforgettable unique Tibetan culture and local customs. Except for Tibetan New Year, Butter Sculpture Exhibition, Sera Bengqin Festival and Spring Sowing Festival are also held in winter.

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